Here at Cleverminds.CJ we forcus at empowering people with Soft skills, Technical Skills,Psychological Counseling and Placement to enhance their professional competency.


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CleverMinds.CJ aims at empowering people with Soft skills, Technical Skills, Psychological Counseling and Placement to enhance their professional competency. It has vision of impacting lives by empowering people; placing them at  their desired position and breaking the mental barriers via counseling and personal discussions as well. The purpose drives the team to work towards the betterment of society in different ways.
We serve the purpose by conducting workshops, trainings, seminars & webinars across nation on a freelancing basis. We are in collaboration with various Corporate, Academic Institutions & Colleges for providing intellectual services. We believe that an empowered human with required skills can do wonders. We have experienced trainers on board with us who has various set of experiences. 

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    Decide what to teach

    Deciding what to teach involves much more than just the content. Teachers are constantly monitoring the “atmosphere” of their classrooms to arrange the context to ensure opportunities for student learning. Determining which students work most effectively with one another is critical; otherwise, learning may be disrupted by off-task behavior, friction among students, or lack of motivation.

    career work business

    Corporate business careers are available in pretty much every part you can think of; all industries need powerful leaders, managers, financial advisors and market-savvy decision-makers. For many business graduates, however, the traditional highroads still hold a strong appeal – including careers in the banking and financial sectors, consultancy, human resources and marketing roles.

    Mental and physical care

    Connection Between Mental and Physical Health Mental and physical health is initially linked. There are multiple alliance between mental health and chronic physical conditions that significantly impact people’s quality of life, demands on health care and other publicly funded services, and generate consequences to society. The WHO states that “there is no health without mental health.”

    Leadership Coaching

    Leadership coaching is “tailored to the individual,” or rather, a bespoke development process for leaders that is achieved in partnership with a coach. The coach’s role is that of ally who, from the outset, believes that the leader has huge potential to achieve the goal or outcome that they have set for themselves. The coach’s role is to help remove the hurdle that stand in the way of the leader attaining their goals.

    Business and executive

    business and executive coaching do share some similarities. Keeping their approach aside both coaches come with one goal in mind that is to help their clients improves their business goals or try to come up for solutions for the business-related issues they might face. Bottom line is they both want their clients to succeed and grow. Even though they are different.

    educational psychology

    Educational psychology is a relatively young sub-field that has experienced a Educational psychology is a relatively young sub-field that has experienced a tremendous amount of growth in recent years. Psychology did not emerge as a science until the late 1800s, so earlier interest in educational psychology was largely fueled by educational philosophers. Herbart believed that a student's interest in a topic had a massive influence on the learning outcome and believed that teachers should consider this interest.

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    What People Say

    Neil Dave

    Neil Dave

    “ It was really helpful to empower ourselves, new techniques were usually accessible but we were not aware of the importance. This workshop helped me to understand so many things & learned so many new skills at the end of the workshop. ”

    Vijay Suthar

    Vijay Suthar

    “Excellent, I learn a lot’s of brain techniques”


    Hiral Patel

    “Thank you so much to give me this opportunity to attend a wonderful session about a healthy relationship.”


    Varun Desai

    “It was a fabulous conversation with you and I wish, I want to achieve every session of yours.”



    “That was an amazing seminar. It will help to control our emotions, for understanding more.. i will like to attand more such programs”

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